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Apostle Kevin AndersonApostle Kevin AndersonCincinnati OH

Apostle Kevin Anderson

Apostle Kevin Anderson is a seasoned minister and officiant, and a semi-retired musician/vocalist who used to tour with major artists such as Al Green and Aretha Franklin. He now pastors at Word Alive Christian Fellowship in Northside Cincinnati. He believes every wedding should be a celebration and personalized ceremonies should reflect the personalities of the happy couple.

He is glad to add a song or two (for additional fee).

Rev. Ann BeckerRev. Ann Becker

Rev. Ann Becker

Reverend Becker has spent many years in lay service for the Catholic church. Recently, her call to serve in a ministering capacity has grown. She has been ordained by Revelation Spiritual Church (which sponsors In addition to her wedding work, Rev. Becker serves as a healer for people who are experiencing personal or family difficulties.

Rev. Becker enjoys working closely with couples to create informal, spiritually meaningful ceremonies where the guests are participants rather than simply spectators. She likes to incorporate fresh touches like blessings by family members, perhaps a little singing, personal sharing or prayers, meaningful rituals, any elements that express the bride and groom's spirituality and create a joyful sense of community. Her desire is to lead ceremonies that are spiritually authentic, simple, soulful and deeply memorable. You will find Rev. Becker easy to work with, and very adaptable and good-humored.

Rev. David BieryRev. David BieryFlorence KY

Rev. David Biery

Rev. David M. Biery, Th.D. is the Senior Pastor of the Sanctuary Church of Christ, and Owner of Wedding Chapel NKY. His passion is helping couples make their wedding day truly about them. Taking their love story and tailoring the ceremony around it, making it one of the best days of your lives. He has been officiating ceremonies for the last 22 years with over 2000 ceremonies officiated.

Pastor David serves several religious affiliations, including Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Islam, Hindu, Taoist, Atheist, Agnostic, and Earth-Based. Starting with a private consultation, you plan out the type of ceremony you desire, such as a civil union, interfaith, non-religious, or single religion ceremony.

All of my packages come with a customized ceremony based on your love story and built around that. They all also include consulting to ensure it is exactly what you both want on that special day. I look forward to discovering your love story and tailoring the ceremony.


  • Tailored Ceremony $350 *Most Popular
    This includes a customized ceremony built around your love story, unlimited consultation, and 1½ hours the day of the ceremony.
  • All Inclusive $500
    This includes all the items in the Tailored Ceremony and the rehearsal dinner - up to 1½ hours for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Simple Ceremony $250
    This includes a customized ceremony, consultation, and 1 hour on the day of the wedding.
  • Chapel Wedding $150
    This is a wedding conducted at our wedding chapel in Florence KY.

Contact Information:

Phone: 859-240-0090

Pastor Terry CarlislePastor Terry CarlisleDayton OH

Pastor Terry Carlisle

Pastor Terry Carlisle is minister of the United Church of Christ in Springboro. Plus he is the director of a no-kill animal shelter and an army vet. Quiet-spoken with a nice sense of humor. Pastor Carlisle has a counseling practice, so he is well-able to understand your situation and what you want in your wedding.

He is quite happy to wear suit-tie combination or suit-with-clerical-collar. He does not work from a book of regulations and restrictions, but rather works with you to help you create the ceremony you envision. Similarly he is glad to help create a ceremony suitable for folks of multiple faiths.


Rev. James ClarkRev. James Clark

Rev. James Clark

With a background in Christian ministry and as a teacher, speaker, and small group leader, Rev. Jim Clark is well rounded for both traditional and contemporary ceremonies. Since he has empathy and compassion, an excellent speaker's voice and a background as a presenter, he can easily create and perform unique, romantic and situationally-sensitive ceremonies. He also comfortably works with couples seeking non-religious, multi-cultural and interfaith weddings.

(Watch a short video of Rev. James Clark.)

Father Mark DamronFather Mark DamronCincinnati OH

Father Mark Damron

Father Mark Dismas Damron – a priest in the Orthodox Catholic Church.

I am 60 years old, and hail from Mingo County, West Virginia, deep in Appalachia, where I was raised in the holiness and independent Protestant tradition. My parents moved north when I was young, looking for better opportunity, as did so many Appalachian people, so, I went to Junior High and High School in Cincinnati Ohio. But we always remained close to family, and regularly returned "home".

I was an ordained Church of Christ minister, and worked as a teacher/instructor in both High School and College. I was the Education Director of the Archaeological Field School in Abila, Jordan in the 1990s, which is where I first was introduced to the Orthodox tradition, eventually studying for the priesthood, and being ordained a Priest in the Eastern Tradition.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Cincinnati, a Masters in Biblical Studies and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology from Cincinnati Christian University, and a Masters of Education from Antioch College.

I have three brothers and three sisters, and my father is alive and well, retired to Florida… I am the single father of three children. My oldest, a daughter of 26, and just graduated from college, my middle child, also a daughter, is 22, is a free-spirit, and my youngest, my son, is 18, and finishing High School and wants to become a chef.

I love my family, my god, and am committed to inclusion in the church … to outreach to all peoples, no matter their race, background, identity, or gender, and most of all, to ministry to the poor and oppressed and to supporting the causes of peace and justice.

St. Dismas, my patron, is the name given to the criminal on the cross.

Pastor Brian EastmanPastor Brian EastmanCincinnati OH

Pastor Brian Eastman

Pastor Eastman is Lead Pastor at Revelation Spiritual Church, a church which welcomes people of all spiritual walks who want to become closer to the 'One Great God with Many Names and Faces.' He has celebrated weddings for folks of all belief patterns as well as agnostics, atheists, and those who are unengaged in the question. He believes a wedding ceremony should feel like a celebration with lots of enthusiasm and smiles, and is proud that he has never seen someone yawn during his wedding ceremonies!

Pastor Eastman likes to have the guests feel actively involved in the wedding ritual, so they will also feel a commitment to help the couple as they grow their marriage. For 20 years he toured on-stage, and he uses his performance skills to create a sense of love, celebration, and community throughout the wedding ceremony. Also, he believes that a ceremony must create the magical space where two separate individuals bond to create a third entity: the married couple.

Contact Information:

Phone: 513-541-1257
Text only: 513-278-7161

(Watch a short video of Pastor Brian Eastman.)

Sister De EvansSister De Evans

Sister De Evans

I am an ordained minister with American Marriage Ministries as well as an award-winning Wedding Planner. This means I know all things wedding. With a contemporary style and a strong belief in the strength of love, I believe that all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, have the right to marry. I am couple-centered, inclusive and help to create ceremonies with YOU in mind.

My superpower is helping people feel at ease, creating a stress free experience. Whether you like the Traditional or Contemporary, Simple or Customized, it would be my honor to perform your marriage ceremony or vow renewal.

Rev. Frieda HughesRev. Frieda Hughes

Rev. Frieda Hughes

Reverend Hughes had minister training through Unity, but has been ordained into our church, Revelation Spiritual Church. Her charisma comes from a sense of peace and joy, which radiates from her. Great voice, too. She records books on tape for the blind.

She is very warm with a great sense of God-centeredness with a gentle humor woven in. She is great at listening to you, understanding what you want to see in your ceremony, and helping you get there.

She does not take herself too seriously, yet is sincere and open-hearted. She strives to help couples find a ceremony that will touch their hearts and reflect who they are, as well as make their guests feel welcome and included.

Rev. Hughes is comfortable working with people of any spiritual background as well as those professing agnosticism or atheism. Says she has been through all of those stages herself. She enjoys helping couples create a ceremony that celebrates who they are and reflects the character of the union they are entering into.

(Watch a short video of Rev. Frieda Hughes.)

Minister Anne HutchinsonMinister Anne Hutchinson

Minister Anne Hutchinson

Minister Anne Hutchinson is a Quaker who was raised Roman Catholic and explored several faith communities over the years. She appreciates the richness and diversity of global spiritual experiences and also respects and cherishes those who do not belong to a faith tradition or church community. She is a former teacher and mental health worker, and is active in peace work and writing. She enjoys reading, folk dancing, and fine cooking. Anne will work with you to help you with a traditional or personalized wedding ceremony. She is a deep listener, empathetic, caring, and with a gentle sense of humor.

Rev. Marie InanliRev. Marie Inanli

Rev. Marie Inanli

The vision you and your life partner hold for your ceremony matters to me. I am comfortable at officiating whether you prefer a short and sweet exchange of vows, or a longer ceremony. Growing up in Eastern Christianity, I became accustomed to rites long on tradition and ritual. My recent experiences with secular and Unitarian Universalist weddings included unique elements reflecting the couple's particular personalities and relationship. For instance, a recent couple expressed their commitment to their shared future via loving letters read aloud during the ceremony. At an outdoor wedding, guests were invited to encircle the just married couple (under their favorite tree), standing side-by-side as a community of love and support.

I invite discussion of your ideas if you prefer personalization. Otherwise, you can choose from a variety of prepared texts.

Besides speaking English, I am comfortable reciting your service in Turkish or German if that is meaningful to you or your guests.

I am also available to provide a meaningful ceremony for other important life events such as baby blessings/naming ceremonies, coming of age, or remembrance rituals.

Contact Information:

Phone: 513-382-7647

Rev. John JaffeRev. John Jaffe

Rev. John Jaffe

Rev. John Jaffe has been ministering for nearly 30 years. He comes from both a Quaker and conservative Christian background and with his beard looks a little like Santa Claus. He likes to work with you in creating a special ceremony that feels perfect to your heart. Whatever ceremony you create, you can be assured he follows it to the letter. He also has the flexibility that, if something unexpected occurs he can adjust the ceremony with good humor as part of the mix.

Rev. Dave JohnsonRev. Dave Johnson

Rev. Dave Johnson

Rev. Dave Johnson, after a career as an award-winning sports journalist, returned to Cincinnati. Here he works in the Cincinnati school system, and has also volunteered as a youth educator for New Thought Unity church. He has a big smile, a great sense of humor, and a big voice so everyone can hear him – in most circumstances. "I'll never be heard during an outdoor ceremony if there's a freight train going by," he jokes, "but I can give the train a run for the money!" He is glad to help all sorts of couples marry. "Every couple deserves to have a great ceremony to give them a great start into their married life. My job is to help them get that great start."

Rev. Linda Ketchum Rev. Linda Ketchum Miami County & Dayton OH

Rev. Linda Ketchum

Reverend Linda Ketchum is the sole owner and minister for Your Special Day Ceremonies. She is dedicated to co-creating a unique wedding day ceremony for you and your fiancé. Rev. Linda works with all couples to create a ceremony you will love and remember. Types of services include various religious, non-denominational, non-religious, and pagan. She works with all couples, including LGBTQ.

Reverend Linda has been a minister for 20 years and is ordinated by the Centers for Spiritual Living. She works with each couple to create a ceremony that is what they, as a couple want. The ceremony can be religious or non-religious. In the six years, she has dedicated herself to being a wedding officiant; she has performed over 175 ceremonies at many different venues from North of Cincinnati to Lima, OH, within a radius of 50 miles from Tipp City, OH.

Rev Linda and Your Special Day Ceremonies have been honored to receive Wedding Wire's Couples Choice award in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 as well as The Knot's Best of Wedding award in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

In addition to being a wedding officiant, Reverend Linda is certified as a pre and post-marriage counselor and also does speaking engagements and workshops on various topics, including forgiveness.

Contact Information:

Phone: 937-609-2802 (Call or Text)


Rev. Lori KirsteinRev. Lori KirsteinCincinnati OH

Rev. Lori Kirstein

Rev. Lori Kirstein was ordained through Pastor Brian Eastman's Revelation Spiritual Church. She believes in providing open-hearted, caring services which support and bless the couples and groups she serves. Lori's spiritual focus is on oneness, inclusivity, acceptance, and love, and she is happy to offer several types of services.

Contact Information:

Phone: (510) 508-4708

Pastor John B. KachubaPastor John B. Kachuba

Pastor John B. Kachuba

In his marriage ministry Pastor John puts into practice the First Principle of his Unitarian Universalist faith tradition: the inherent worth and dignity of every person. He believes that every loving couple, regardless of race, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, or sexual orientation should have the opportunity to express their love for each other in a public ceremony. He is committed to working closely with a couple to ensure that their wishes and desires are incorporated in a ceremony that they will cherish.

In addition to his ministry, Pastor John is an award-winning author with a deep knowledge of paranormal/metaphysical subjects. He has spoken widely on these topics on radio, TV, and podcasts and at universities, libraries, and conferences. He has recently taken a tour group to Oaxaca, Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Pastor John is also available for funerals, baby blessings, and other celebrations of life's passage. He is ordained by the American Marriage Ministries and is licensed by the State of Ohio.

For more about his work, see

(Watch a short video of Pastor John Kachuba.)

Rev. Valerie MansfieldRev. Valerie MansfieldLouisville KY

Rev. Valerie Mansfield

Rev. Valerie Mansfield is an Ordained Unity Minister. Valerie has served at Unity of Louisville for over 17 years and currently is the Associate Minister. Valerie is a lifelong student of Unity, a Reiki Master and Oneness Blessing Giver.

Rev. Valerie's experience and creativity allows the couple's special day to be exactly as they envision it. Valerie enjoys working with all faiths. Valerie is warm, loving, and professional.

Rev. Valerie relishes the special treats of each wedding, like a chocolate lab being the best man, a hand fast or a rose blessing. These unique touches create the special moments in life.

Pastor Doyle McPhersonPastor Doyle McPherson

Pastor Doyle McPherson

Pastor Doyle McPherson received his ordination in 2006 and became the Associate Pastor at Autumn Creek Church in Dayton, OH. He became a leader and teacher during this time. With the help of Spirit and the Senior Pastor of Autumn Creek Church, he started his next adventure as Senior Pastor of the Temple of Ancient Wisdom in 2015.

Pastor Doyle is funny, smart and down-to-earth. He has officiated weddings over the past 10 years for many belief systems and one Atheist ceremony. He believes that love is love in whatever form it comes in and that the wedding day belongs to the couple getting married – he is simply the officiant.

Pastor Steve MeansPastor Steve Means

Pastor Steve Means

Steve Means began his involvement in church leadership in the mid 80's. In 1991, he began to attend The Vineyard Church and very quickly began to feel that this is where he would find his true calling.

He participated with worship teams in Dallas and Cincinnati before being asked to come on staff with the Mason Vineyard in January, 1995. Steve has served as an associate pastor in various roles in the church since then, but his passion has always been for the worship music of the church. He has written, performed and recorded several original songs.

Steve loves the wedding ministry because he is still absolutely in love with his bride of over 41 years. Steve and his wife Jackie, have four children and seven grandchildren. They were 17 and 19 when they got married, Steve was in the Marines, and he says they have had all the struggles and problems that most couples experience. Sometimes, when things get tough, it feels like you're hanging on by the last thread. But believe me, love is always worth hanging on to.

As Steve often quotes from first Corinthians in his ceremonies, "faith, hope and love abide these three, but the greatest is love."

Rev. Mark MeyerRev. Mark Meyer

Rev. Mark Meyer

Mark Meyer is an ordained Catholic priest who did mission work in Bolivia for four years. While there learning Spanish and the Bolivian culture, he met someone special and the two of them eventually married. After leaving active ministry, many people who aren't eligible to marry in the Catholic Church still seek him out for a ceremony they are familiar with. Mark's ability goes beyond traditional services. He has experience allowing couples to create their own religious or non religious ceremony in English or Spanish. If the state allows people to be joined in marriage, Mark is willing to work with them. He is easy going and pleasant to work with. He wants the bride and groom to have the ceremony that they want.

Rev. Debra MeyersRev. Debra Meyers

Rev. Debra Meyers

Pastor Debra Meyers is an ordained Catholic priest and interfaith minister. She serves the Resurrection Community in Cincinnati and teaches at a local college. Her experiences and background have helped her to become an excellent listener and speaker. She will listen carefully to your needs and provide you with helpful suggestions (if needed) in order to create a perfect ceremony especially for you. She will even provide ceremony music upon request. Her motto "Your Wedding, Your Way."

Rev. Kyla MorrisRev. Kyla Morris

Rev. Kyla Morris

Hello Lovers! Let me help you create a GREAT wedding ceremony! I come from a Ministering family and am called to help people wed because I believe that EVERYONE should be able to be United in Love, Harmony, and Peace. As a firm believer in both Divine Masculine and Feminine energy I believe that everyone should feel comfortable no matter their walk of life, religion, or relationship preference. I happily engage in Weddings, Handfasting, Bonding and Promise ceremonies where everyone is welcome to come and celebrate!

Rev. Amber NuhnRev. Amber Nuhn

Rev. Amber Nuhn

My name is Rev. Amber Nuhn. I have been married since 2008 to my first love Christopher, and I have a wonderful son named Brycen, and two bonus children Damian, and Adrianna. I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Science.

I became ordained in 2013 and I have had the pleasure of meeting so many new, exciting people during this journey. My journey toward ordination began many years before I realized my calling. At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with an inoperable form of Brain Cancer. I fought for my life for three years and only by the grace of God am I here today.

I enjoy helping others and enjoy helping them to plan the perfect ceremony for their special day. I also perform house blessings, baptisms, and eulogies. Helping people is my passion, let me help you and your family create a ceremony that you will remember for a lifetime.


Rev. Ellen ParkerRev. Ellen Parker

Rev. Ellen Parker

Reverend Ellen Parker has an innate sense of the Divine Feminine present within us all. For 20 years she has hosted Circle of the Seasons where the natural, cyclical seasons of the year are celebrated through a variety of traditions. Her organizational skills and knowledge of many spiritual practices enable her to assist with the creation of an appropriate, meaningful ceremony for any type of spiritual path. She is a joyful, serene, and trustworthy choice for your wedding officiate.

Rev. Jeffrey PoeRev. Jeffrey Poe

Rev. Jeffrey Poe

Reverend Poe is a non-denominational minister, however, he grew up with a Methodist religious background. His laid back personality allows for everyone to feel at ease during wedding services.

Rev. Poe performs many types of services: Justice of the Peace, Celtic hand-fasting, betrothal, and formal (to name a few). He's open-minded and willing to help you find the right ceremony for you and your loved ones. He likes to incorporate any children, of either partner, into the service to help them feel that they are a valued part of their family.

Jeffrey is also a licensed hypnotherapist, life coach, intuitive, energy healer and can help guide you through all of life's good Journeys.

Rev. Ria RothRev. Ria Roth

Rev. Ria Roth

Reverend Rebecca "Ria" Roth is an award winning Wedding Officiant working with all faiths and traditions. In addition to being an Ordained Minister, she is also a Certified LIIFT Practitioner, Oneness Facilitator, Associate Polarity Therapist and Holistic Coach in private practice for many years.

Ria is a warm, charismatic and creative Wedding Officiant, specializing in creating beautiful, unique and authentic ceremonies. While Ria officiates mostly English language ceremonies, she is fully bilingual Spanish-English, and has knowledge of Indian tradition, from her time in India. Ria delights in working with couples of all faiths, drawing from her Christian upbringing as well as her experience with Taoism, Native American culture and Hinduism.

Whatever vision you have of your wedding, Ria will help you create a beautiful, memorable ceremony! As a special offering, the non-denominational Oneness Blessing can be added to any ceremony she officiates.

To schedule a LIIFT, Polarity Therapy or Holistic Coaching appointment, or to inquire about meditation classes and Oneness Blessings, please call or visit the website below.

Rebecca Roth, APP, COT, LMT
Wedding Officiant, Holistic Practitioner
Spanish Language Interpreter
Oneness Trainer & Facilitator
(937) 304-9595
Winner Best of The Knot 2014 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021

Rev. Dr. Larry SansoucieRev. Dr. Larry Sansoucie

Rev. Dr. Larry Sansoucie

Reverend Sansoucie is a retired Congregational minister, and now he is a part-time pastoral associate at North Presbyterian Church (doing mostly fun stuff like preaching, visiting, teaching, hanging out, and playing his drums) and a part-time Spiritual Care counselor for Hospice of Cincinnati.

Pastor Eastman invited him to join after seeing the energy and light-heartedness he put into a sermon. He comes from a more-traditional church affiliation than some of our wedding officiants. He may start from a more-traditional place, but he is very flexible in helping you get where you want to go, and can help you have fun!

Rev. Amos SniderRev. Amos Snider &  Rev. Julie JoyRev. Julie Joy

Revs. Amos Snider & Julie Joy

Rev. Amos Snider and Rev. Julie Joy are ordained Ministers and Ministerial Directors through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. Rev. Amos has been an ordained Minister since 2011, and Rev. Julie since 2014. They came together in Matrimony through a beautiful ceremony that they designed and was officiated by the President of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. 7 years ago. They came together with three children each and call themselves the Brady Bunch with a grand total of six kids.

These two hearts in service bring love, enthusiasm, and compassion to their work as teachers, speakers, healers, life coaches, and spiritual mentors. Celebrate the beginning of your lifelong journey together with not one, but two reverends who can play any part needed for your dream wedding in a memorable and joyful success. You can rely on their wisdom and life experience throughout the process while bringing a family-oriented perspective to your celebration. They work with people from all walks of life, non-religious, multi-cultural, and interfaith.

They are also available as solo officiants if you so choose.

(Watch a short video of Revs. Amos & Julie.)

Minister Kim StroupMinister Kim StroupIndianapolis IN

Minister Kim Stroup

Minister Stroup chose to become ordained by The Universal Life Church so she could marry couples who do not belong to a church, or who have alternative beliefs. She offers flexibility; she is willing to perform a greater variety of ceremonies than many pastors. In addition to traditional wedding ceremonies and baptisms, she can also do Handfastings, Wiccanings, Baby-naming ceremonies, and just about any other ceremonies/rituals that you can think of. No classes, counseling or membership required.

Minister Stroup can perform ceremonies anywhere and anytime. She's also happy to perform same sex ceremonies. She has practiced many religions over the years from Mormon to Catholic, and she received her M.S. in Environmental Science from IU Bloomington. She lives in Indianapolis.

Rev. Hawley ToddRev. Hawley Todd

Rev. Hawley Todd

Rev. Hawley Todd loves people. To him it is a great joy to empower couples so they create a wedding which expresses who they truly are. A wedding is one of the most sacred times in a couples life together. Hence Rev. Todd's goal is to facilitate a celebration of love, joy and commitment which is uniquely authentic to each couple.

Rev. Todd is a Minister of Christ's Healing and a Franciscan spiritual director. With his diverse background as a practitioner of Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American Spirituality and Christianity he is very comfortable with couples of many outlooks and orientations. His favorite weddings have been ones held in natural settings such as by the ocean or a waterfall, where natural beauty adds to the inherent joy of the ceremony.


Rev. Don TreadwellRev. Don TreadwellIndianapolis IN

Rev. Don Treadwell

Rev. Don is an ordained New Thought minister. He is a graduate of the King School of Ministry (1986) and of the Advanced Studies Program of Unity School of Christianity (1988). He is a recognized Clairvoyant, Intuitive Counselor, Trance Channel and Tarot Reader. He studied with the Universal Spiritualist Association which granted him certification as a Healer and a Deacon. He also studied with the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield. He was ordained by Progressive Spiritualist Church in 2015.

Rev. Don is the senior pastor at Progressive Spiritualist Church in Indianapolis Indiana (2022).

Pastor Dave WeaverPastor Dave Weaver

Pastor Dave Weaver

Dave's first career was as a business owner and his second career was as a United Methodist pastor. Though now retired one of his greatest joys is officiating wedding ceremonies. He's a warm and very relational pastor. He works openly with couples to create a customized ceremony, which includes their personal vows, that will be the most meaningful to them.

Dave's officiated rather small and very large weddings as a pastor over his career. His services can be either religious in a church/chapel setting or non-religious in another venue the couple so desires. It is the couple's special day.

Dave wishes for the bride and groom's wedding day to be long remembered by family and friends. He would love to have the opportunity to converse with you and would be honored to officiate your wedding ceremony.

Contact Information:

Phone: 513-484-6697