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🌺 How much will my officiant charge for their services?

Officiant fees vary depending on where your ceremony is located, when your ceremony is scheduled, and the style of your ceremony. If you are working on a tight budget, please tell us when you call, we can assist you in making the best choice for your budget.

🌺 My minister is from Ohio, but I'm getting married in another state. Can they still officiate my wedding?

A Minister licensed in Ohio can marry you in Kentucky, Indiana, and many other states. Please contact us to learn more.

🌺 I am getting married in a different state than where I live. Where do I get my marriage license?

You will need to get your marriage license in whichever state you choose to marry in, even if you do not live there. To purchase a marriage license, you will need to go to the county clerk's office in the county you will be married in. Bring your I.D. cards, and (in Ohio and Indiana, at least) $40-$50. After you get your license, you have 60 days to validate it with a licensed officiant's signature.

🌺 I would like to reserve one of your ministers. What do I need to do?

In order to book/reserve one of our officiants for your wedding, you will need to make a non-refundable retainer payment. Please contact us if you need to find an officiant and we will help you find someone who fits your needs. To reserve an officiant you will need to pay at least half of an officiants fee as the retainer. After the ceremony, the retainer is applied to the officiants fee.

🌺 How do I make out a check to

Please mail checks to: 4251 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45223. The check can be made out to Pastor Brian Eastman or Revelation Spiritual Church (with the name of your minister as the memo).

🌺 How do I make a Paypal payment to

If you would like to make a payment by Paypal please login to, click "Send & Request", and then "Pay for goods or services". Then enter our payment email address: and the amount you would like to send. Please be sure to also add your mailing address, so we can send a contract.

🌺 What happens after we pay the first half payment to book our officiant?

Once we receive the first 'retainer' payment, we will send a contract to your mailing address with a payment receipt attached. You can then begin drafting and writing out the ceremony with your officiant. Our policy is to send out contracts after we receive the retainer payment, but we will send you a sample contract if you request one.

🌺 Are there any additional fees other than the Minister's quoted price?

All of our officiants have a standard quoted price based on type of ceremony, time of day/week, and location. We charge no other fees for service.

🌺 When is the full payment due?

The second half of your payment can be made any time before the wedding day. If you'd prefer to pay on the wedding day please arrange to pay your officiant before the ceremony so they are not forgotten in the excitement following the ceremony.

🌺 Do your officiants require premarital counseling?

None of our officiants require premarital counseling. However, many of our officiants do offer it. If you'd like to have pre-marital counseling, let us know so we can recommend the appropriate people. Our ministers' fees for premarital counseling are handled themselves, separate from

🌺 What is included in a Personalized Ceremony compared to a Justice of the Peace Ceremony?

Personalized Wedding Ceremony: Each minister has a personal quoted fee, which usually ranges from $225 - $450. After completing the Questionnaire, we will send you a list of officiants who we think are best suited for what you would like. You may then interview the officiants so you're sure they will fit your needs. This interview period includes unlimited phone and email communication with you recommended ministers. You may also schedule up to 2 Skype sessions/per minister, or 1 in-person interview. Pre-Marital counseling is available if requested Rehearsal is included either in the total price, or for no additional fees. The officiant will take the time to get to know you, and work with you to personalize your ceremony. Our ministers have a large selection of ceremony add-ons, readings, vows for the bride and groom, blessings and more for you to consider.

Justice of The Peace Ceremony: $150 - $225 fee. We choose the minister based on who is available and willing (We still consider who would be the best fit for the couple - i.e. We won't send a fundamentalist minister to a nonreligious couple). There is no rehearsal for a Justice of the Peace ceremony. You can talk to the minister after he or she is reserved (50% payment or more) The ceremony is a standard, short but sweet 10-15 minute ceremony. The ceremony is usually either Ceremony 3 from our website, or the ministers own standard Justice of the Peace ceremony. The officiant will perform a nice ceremony for you, and send in the paperwork so you are legally married.

🌺 Do your ministers perform ceremonies from any religion?

Our ministers represent many of the most common religions, and a few of our ministers will perform alternative religious ceremonies. Please be sure to specify your needs when filling out our online questionnaire, and we will help you find someone.

🌺 Do you perform same sex weddings?

Yes, we have ministers who officiate same-sex weddings. Please contact us for specific recommendations.

🌺 My wedding date has changed. Is there an additional fee to reschedule it? Can I get a refund?

You can reschedule the ceremony for no additional fee. In the event that your officiant is unavailable for your rescheduled date, we will help you choose another officiant to replace them. Please contact us with any other questions of concerns. Refunds may be possible if you contact us within 48 hours of making the payment.

🌺 What happens if I reserve one of your officiants, and I would like to pick another officiant instead?

If you've booked an officiant, and later decide you would like a different officiant you can choose someone else for a small additional fee. (We still owe the original officiant for their time.)

🌺 What if there is an emergency, will there be another officiant available?

If your officiant cannot perform your wedding (i.e. because of an medical emergency), there will be no additional fee and we will find someone else to perform your wedding. We guarantee availability of a licensed officiant.

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