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Here is a fork in the road: what kind of relationship do you want with your officiant, and what level of choice you want for your ceremony. Here are your options:

 1. "Justice of the Peace" - We send an officiant you will know only by name. This person will perform a 7 to 15-minute standard ceremony and sign the paper. In other words, this officiant will perform the basic bureaucratic function, but will provide a pleasant ceremony in doing so. Fee: $150 - $225.

 2. "Personalized Wedding Service" - You will have interviewed our officiants until you find someone who you feel is perfect for you: has a complementary personality and an approach to ceremonies that fits what you want. You and this officiant take the time to get to know one another, and the officiant helps you find/create the appropriate words and rituals to make your wedding ceremony "sing". Fee: $225 - $450.
NOTE: If Justice of the Peace is what you want, just select the No. 1 option above, and submit this form. The rest of the questions are for folks who want a personalized wedding.
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Classic: Serious, dry, 20 to 40 minutes
Contemporary: relaxed & engaging, smiles and joy, 14 to 30 minutes
Catholic (with or without mass) by priest at your chosen location
Other specific religious or cultural tradition: (please specify)
Unique: very different and outside the box (ask us for examples)
English only
Bilingual (what languages)
Tell us a bit about your religious or spiritual background, and current spiritual walk or lack of belief in a higher power.
About your personalities
Do you tend to be
 serious    funny    both at times
Does your partner tend to be
 serious    funny    both at times
Are you
 reserved and quiet    very outgoing    a mix of both
Any unusual concerns or situations your minister should know about either with you two or in family? (We are looking for situations or energy which might affect the ceremony.)
Any people who have died, whom you might want to honor during the ceremony?
How long have you been together?
Are there any funny stories you tell people about how you met, or when you were dating?
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Characteristics you might prefer to see in your officiant:
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Officiant's clothing:
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Clerical collar with suit preferred
Worship robe preferred
Suit and tie only
Any specific religious background or outlook you might prefer your officiant to have? Please check all that apply.
About wedding fees:
Fees vary based on day of week, location of ceremony, minister and time of day.
Personalized ceremony price range: $225 - $450
Justice of the Peace ceremony price range: $150 - $225
One Catholic Priest $450 any time
Rabbis $600 - $800
Please advise us about how important fee range is, when considering which minister to choose. Please choose one of these two options:
Price is most important. I want a personal ceremony but it has to fit my budget of maximum $ for the officiant.
Quality of Ceremony and a good personality fit are very important to me. Please let me start by interviewing the minister you think is the best fit and we'll go from there.
If you have questions, or prefer to answer these questions by phone, call Pastor Eastman at (513) 853-6180 or (800) 825-4332.
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