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Discover why we are your choice as the best officiant for your dream ceremony


We specialize in making your moment romantic in an atmosphere of the ceremony you want.


Your choices:

· Traditional, Contemporary, or Unique?

· Justice of the Peace ceremony or Formal?

· Simple, rustic, cultural traditions, or elegant?

· Many guests, a few, or just the two of you?

· Less than 15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, or up to an hour long?

· In a religious tradition, Spiritual, Earth-Based or non-religious?

· Romantic – telling your story of love, or strictly scriptural?

· English or bi-lingual Spanish. (Some options for slavic languages.)

· Engaging or dull?

· Fun or serious?

· Completely different?


One of our 29 officiants wants to hear your dream and craft your special ceremony.


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